Digital Solutions

There are many reasons why people choose to invest in visual communications for their business; whether it’s a full audio visual system or video conferencing equipment it’s becoming the norm. At first, you may just think benefits are all about saving time and money and whilst that’s great, that’s just scratching the surface! Here are our top ten benefits to using visual communications in the office
Digital screens and audio visuals can help engage with your customers make your head office, or retail space stand out from the crowd. Technology is part of people’s lives so expect to see innovation even more these days.


Video Wall Displays

Complete portfolio of high-quality LCD video walls encompass a wide range of different sizes, resolutions and technologies. Our large scale display systems are designed by video wall experts with decades of experience in video wall display technology.  Featuring the narrowest bezels, most flexible mounting systems and slimmest installation depths, We offer LED LCD video walls from the leading brands

Digital signage solution

Digital signage allows you to maximize customer engagement through high quality, high brightness displays that are certified to withstand the elements—and customizable, integrated solutions that allow you to remotely manage and distribute content updates.

Media player

The HD Digital Signage Media Player provides an effective means to play and schedule digital signage content with both digital and analog connections. By connecting the HD Digital Signage Media Player to a network, content can be “pushed” to the box using a computer and FTP client program. When a more elaborate setup is required, a number of units can be configured to “pull” content from a local or external FTP server based on a schedule.

The HD Digital Signage Media Player acts as both an FTP client and server with live logging of various important statistics, such as playback, system status and uploaded content. The HD Digital Signage Media Player provides an intuitive directory and file structure that can easily be created and maintained by any text-based editing program. This allows you to concentrate on the important task of content creation.


Public address system is an electronic sound amplification and distribution system. It works with the combination of a microphone, amplifier and loudspeakers, it will facilitate the person recorded medium will address to large public area, like announcements of movements at large area or on the Bus, rail and plane terminals.

Additionally it has the components of mixing console, amplifiers and loudspeakers for music as well as speech, it has the capability to use a sound source, as a recorded music or a person delivering speech and distributing the sound throughout the addressed venue or building.

Public address system is very important and compulsory for the small and large venues like school auditoriums, Malls, train metro airport bus terminals. In simple terms Public address system is required to make announcements in public, institutional and commercial buildings.


The Media Hub Mini gives your guests the ability to use the in-room TV for any of the content they typically access on their mobile devices. Unleash your in-room entertainment options by making it easy for guests to connect mobile devices and mobile apps to the big screen. With Bluetooth pairing your guests can listen to their music over the TV speakers without docking the phone, providing the freedom to roam and multi-task.

 Mini media hub HD8600M

Introducing Media Hub Mini, the smallest and most powerful mobile device to TV connectivity panel on the market today. The focus is on simplicity, providing guests with the most important, and universally accepted mobile connections to charge and play (USB, Bluetooth, and HDMI). Media Hub Mini offers USB fast-charging for any phone or tablet, Bluetooth and HDMI.

  • Mini Stereo Jack
  • HDMI Audio/Video
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • High-Current 2.1 Amp, 5 Volt USB Charging Socket
  • Standard 0.5 Amp, 5 Volt USB Charging Socket
  • Automatic Input switching (HDMI-CEC)
  • Brushed Metal & Black Trim options in box
  • 3m HDMI cable & power supply


Fully Featured Media Hub HD8630S

The MediaHub gives you the chance to enhance your guests experience for the time they are with you. From watching their special moments and memories on the in-room tv to listening to their choice of songs. With our Media Hub you will not only be enhancing your guests’ experience, you will also be providing them with the essentials they need to keep in touch with their world. The iDevice ports, wired internet connection and AC outlets will do just that by keeping them plugged in, charged and on the internet.

  • HDMI In
  • USB Charge 5a/5v
  • VGA (RGB)
  • 5mm Audio In
  • Composite AV In
  • Wired Internet Access Point (RJ45)
  • iPod/iPhone/iPad AV + Charging In (18pin)
  • Universal Outlets (2)
  • Overload Protection Reset Switch
mini hub
full media hub