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COSEC DOOR FOP is a technically advanced, biometric fingerprint and RFID Card based door controller, which can be used for various applications like Access Control, Time-Attendance, Visitor Management, Cafeteria Management, Vehicle Access Management and Contract Workers Management. Its award winning design, multiple credentials and multiple connectivity options fulfill the requirements of all type of businesses. […]

Winner of the coveted iF, Good Design and India Design Mark awards for its superior design, COSEC DOOR FOT is a versatile device designed for reliability, modularity and performance for single or multi-location Time-Attendance application. It records exact time of a user using fingerprint or card in less than one second. Superior Design iF Design, […]

COSEC VEGA FAX offers cutting edge advantages in terms of connectivity, technology, usage environment and ease of use. IP65, PoE, touchscreen and wireless connectivity offer foolproof Access Control and Time-Attendance solutions for Corporate Firms, Manufacturing Units, Government organizations and many more. KEY FEATURES Excellent Design that Match with your Aesthetics 3.5” TFT Touchscreen Display Compact […]

COSEC PATH DCCX is a series of compact front-end terminal device to record and control entries and exits through proximity and smart cards. Built with advanced features like IP65, PoE and compact design, it fulfills the time-attendance and access control requirements of organizations. It is a modular, scalable and feature-rich Time-Attendance and Access Control device. […]

In years past, store traffic was a simple measure – the number of shoppers who entered the store – and traffic counts were critical in determining core retail metrics like conversion (i.e.; the percentage of shoppers who actually purchased, and calculates as the number of transactions divided by store traffic). Traffic only told the story […]

Buying a people counter is often considered a long term investment. It is now widely accepted that an accurate and reliable traffic count is a key metric in the world of retail and shopping centers. Most large retailers have at least one technology installed, and if you ask them, most would tell you they cannot […]

How Effective Are Beam Solutions as Customer Counters? The beam solution is the “original” method of counting traffic. Even today, beam solutions produce a reliable number and can obtain high accuracy, but their effectiveness is highly dependent on the following: Firstly, for a beam system to work, it needs a clear line of sight between […]

Intelligent People Counting Cameras As you may have noticed up to now, the technologies we have been going through are reused from their original purpose and were adapted to count people. They all have their limitations. That is what caused smart cameras to appear on the market. Their goal is to count with increased accuracy […]

Biometric Time and Attendance system Dubai Biometric time and attendance technology brings efficiency to the workplace by keeping better tabs on the employees in a given workforce. Punch cards can be handed to friends so that truant workers can make away with stolen paid company time and employees who make a living from the road […]