Biometric Time Attendance System Dubai

Biometrics for Time and Attendance

Biometric time and attendance technology brings efficiency to the workplace by keeping better tabs on the employees in a given workforce. Punch cards can be handed to friends so that truant workers can make away with stolen paid company time and employees who make a living from the road or at home need ways to prove that they’ve earned their paychecks. With biometric time and attendance solutions employers cut down on time fraud and dutiful employees have hard evidence they deserve all that over time they’ve been putting in. All of that’s not to mention the increased efficiency on an administrator’s end; with automated and accurate attendance records admins can focus on more pressing matters.

Door Access Control System

Standfast Security Systems supplies access control systems for doors in hotels, offices, factories, schools and other multi-occupancy buildings. The systems we supply keep your staff, buildings and assets safe through restricting access to parts of the building through proximity card and fob control, card swipe systems and keypad entry systems using PINs or numeric codes.

Access control systems benefit our customers because

• You no longer need to change locks or re-issue keys if they are stolen or lost. With an electronic access control system cards or fobs are issued to allow access through controlled doors. If they are lost or stolen, they can be easily de-activated or barred so that it is impossible to gain entry through the door again.
• The problem of doors being accidentally left unlocked is removed for good once your access control system is installed. Doors controlled by the system automatically lock once they close. They can also be programmed to be unlocked for certain periods of time if necessary.

Multi Location Solution

Key Benefits

• Real time data push technology
• Automatic log transfer to the server
• Web based Monitoring and Control
• SMS and Email Notifications
• Flexible Attendace Policies Creation
• Employee Self-Service Portal on Web and Mobile
• Late-In, Early-Out, Overtime and COFF
• Over nignt Shifts and Schedules
• 160+ Customised Reports and Chart
• Generate Reports in PDF, Word, Excel, Text,CSV and XML
• Direct Integration with Tally, Relyon and other Payroll Software
• Integration with Payroll, HRMS, ERP and SAP
• Integration with Fire Alarm, Video Surveillance and others
• Integration Using API, Database to Database, online and Export
• MS-SQL and Oracle Database
• Centralised Monitoring and Control
• Multiple Credentials: Palm Vein, Fingerprint, Card, PIN
• 1 Million Users, 65,000 Door Controllers
• Connectivity: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, PoE

biometric time and attendance system
biometric time and attendance system
biometric time and attendance system
biometric time and attendance system